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Current events that are happening around the state.

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Websites that contain Wisconsin related political information

The Wheeler Report 

Mark Belling 

Vicki McKenna 

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin 

Wisconsin Policy Research Institute 

WI Legislative Fiscal Bureau 

Attorney General Opinions -Index 

Wisconsin Senate Rules 

Wisconsin Assembly Rules 

Wisconsin Constitution 

Pending Wisconsin Constitutional Amendments

Charles Sykes 

Shark and Shepard 

The Political Enviroment 

Boots & Sabers 

Folkbum's rambles and rants 

Eye on Wisconsin 

 Websites that contain political information at the national level.

 Rush Limbaugh

Glenn Beck 

Sean Hannity 

Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers 

Hillsdale College Imprimis Free Subscription

Patriot Action Network 

National Review Online 

The Weekly Standard 

The American Spectator 

Walter E. Williams 

Thomas Sowell 

Drudge Report 

The Blaze 

Historic Documents- The Patriot Post 

912 Project 

The Federalist Papers 

Michelle Malkin 

Mark Steyn 

The Heritage Foundation 

The Cato Institute 


Ann Coulter 



Stop the Madness 

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